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Fartch Bombastric Fondlegod
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Fortescue "Kid Spats"

"'The Crazy Blues"
A special, special treat for jpt cognoscenti who have pierced the veil of "Kid Spats"....
a pure schooling for all
Double Take
A novel of the post-'60s
Dr. Owen Scott, III
What dire reality lurks 'neath the music?
3d installment
***Features Owen's***

The much-requested poetry of
Marion Jones
"In the Wall"
"Solitude to be Less Solitary"
Prof. Lawrence Jones
walks the road not taken
Confessions of an Unreconstructed Liberal Humanist"
2-Wheeled Legends
John Rice
"Hatari It Isn't!" p.3
The South Africa run
Cherokee 2010
a classy classic facelift
Course #4, in which we meet the Ubiquitous Learning Conference & Endangered Earth Online
Frosty Mug
Lecture Series

No. 013
Glo Nielssen
"a novitiate's delicately embroidered account of a
Professor Loose
Frosty Mug Lecture"
Syndrome Refugee
Phase 2"
Powerful poetry from
Herman L. Parsons
Book of 
Wine & Seizures

The Multitude of Sportsters Devour'd
"that voice full of
keen enigma"
Dobar/Bodar piles meat on his staking in the
jpt Outer Provinces
Photo Smacks Down Unfair Notoriety of West African Nation's Highways
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It's a whole nother vector along which to forage and gestate
C. Adam Smith
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*Coming Next*

Jan. 2014
We will wrest world literary authority
from prancing Übervolk
("throne donkies," asses claimant to the throne of writ), break it down
and dollop out its vital humors unto all who hoist quill & court the credence of their conscience.
So unto the sons & daughters & husbands & cousins of humanlot do we nonchalantly vow.

You ought to jibbi-jaggle your itinerary for to catch this 1x spectaculaire.


!Issue #21!

plus the quip and resulting boor-boar skirmish that nearly cost van gogh a promiscuous socialite's output

Slip with ease through the world, our friends, until we deliver to your screen our
as such

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