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Musique Exquisite (title)
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C. ADAM SMITH "Provincial Reflections" by C. A. Smith
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Notes: jpt theme. A reinstrumentation of C.A.Smith's "Woodwind Quintet in E."
Weak quality: mono,CBR16kbps. filesize=296KB (mp3)
Weak+quality: stereo,CBR32kbps. HQ. filesize=592KB (mp3)
Modest quality: stereo2, VBR16-48kbps. filesize=771KB (mp3)
all selections copyright 2010
C.Adam Smith
Intermediate: stereo3,VBR 24-64kbps. Filsize=1.12MB (mp3)
Higher: stereo0,VBR 32-128kbps. Filesize=2.30MB (mp3)
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re-teched 7/17/10 "Woodwind Quintet in E" by C. A. Smith
Play it, Sam! > stereo, VBR 24-96 kbps. filesize=1.83MB(mp3)
re-teched 7/17/10 "Cast Upon the Waves of Love's Tempestuous Disdain and Left to Die of Thirst or of Despair upon the Bleak Rock of False Hopes Proclaimed"
(or, "C Major Ditty") by C. A. Smith
Close screen to exit Hit it! > stereo, VBR 24-96 kbps. filesize=1.66MB(mp3)
re-teched 7/17/10 "The Valley Once Sang" by C. A. Smith
Let it play! > stereo, VBR 24-96 kbps. filesize=1.83MB(mp3)
THE ROCK'N'ROLL of Dr. OWEN SCOTT, III Rock it! > "You and Your Lover are Through"
by Owen Scott, III
stereo, 3.87MB(mp3)
all selections copyright 2011Owen Scott, III
Sock it! > "Running Backwards"
by Owen Scott, III
stereo, 5.04MB(mp3)
Reel it! > "Muse-The Goddess"
by Owen Scott, III
stereo, 1.56MB(mp3)
Deal it! > "Ain't That a Man"
by Owen Scott, III
stereo, 1.39MB(mp3)
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