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Photo Smacks Down Unfair Notoriety for Alleged Atrocious Highways in West African Nation
What the hell is this?
Our enigmatic, elusive West African correspondent Mr. Ba recently happened upon this stretch of intact pavement and posted a phototriumph for public relations against the harsh criticism long heaped by travel manuals upon his darling motherland's roadways. Indeed, the baby's-tushie smoothness of this neat whizzlane makes travel an addictive indulgence, not at all some hellaceous tribulation you'd wish upon, say, the mama of your most b'dratted foe. So cop a lorry, skip the tram, and skee-ram, Sam! Some smooth scootin' awaits thy jaded haunches.

It is not our institutional policy to favor this or that nation, over all possible nations, with uncompensated tourism advocacy, and so we decline to name the subject West African nation, with apology to Mr. Ba. Nonetheless, it will benefit the interests of this and other West African nations that you the viewer and prospective tourist now discount the naysaying, the fears of transdimensional potholes and nightmarish stretches of dirt lane and bandanna'd banana bandits, fears that have so hobbled tourism in these locales. If you go, you will make it, by God, and you will come back whistling praises of the ascendancy of road realities over commercialized espersions.

---Unless this strand is atypical. . .

--by One Who Knows. Who Cares. Who Truly Cares.
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