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Bro Pilgrim Pilgrim's Excellent Adventures
As promised, here are some pictures from our 2010 run to Cherokee, NC. This was Long Jon's first time to ever ride in the Smokies. Boy, did I ever break him in right this year......rain and then more rain!!!!!! All about bizness
Sho nuff beats donkies We hit the rain in Williamsburg, Ky., and didn't get out of it until on I-40 just east of Knoxville. By that time it didn't matter, 'cause we were soaked to the bone and cold too. Hit the rain again in Pigeon Forge and didn't get out of it until we hit the top of the Smokies
On the North Carolina side the sun popped out and all was good (after we poured the water outta our boots and squeezed out our socks, lol). All the stars were lined up and the Gods smiled on us the rest of Friday, and Friday night until 5:38 am.
scootin' in the rain, just scootin' in the rain
The skies opened back up and it rained until 3:30 that afternoon. Dried up until 8:30 when a major thunderstorm hit once again. What a lightening show and bigtime thunder boomers and rain. Woke up Sunday morning to clear skies and a sunny day. stand by yo milwaukee thunder
a Viking sendoff for a fallen bro The return trip to Lexington was great - good weather and no issues with the scooters. WE SURVIVED!!!!!!!
tee hee, I'll let the exhaust out of his pipes
Even though it rained a lot, we had a great time partying with our friends from Tenn. and Va. Good dudes that I've been getting together with 3 or 4 times a year since 2004. A good run.
spacer Pilgrim20Pilgrim
bro Pilgrim again Hey Brother - Thought I'd send some pictures of the Wide Glide's most recent facelift [click here] that I just completed this week [2010]. Patty will probably tell you that she's* had more facelifts than Phyllis Diller. lol.

*[Pilgrim hastens to declare that he means the scooter, not Patty.]

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