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Tennessee Dave Steele,
proud native of Knoxville, is a lover of history, perhaps because the miseries of the past lie spent and cannot bite him now. It's a testament to his character as a character that he characterizes hard times as all for laughs—if you survive them, of course. But beware: there are those that make you shudder... Sweating Out Grade School
jpt #18 Part I. bully bust a bone mp3 (663KB)
Part II. little Jim the obliterator mp3 (769KB)
Part III. taped up in cat hairs mp3 (661KB)
Part IV. you'll write right-hand
or melt by the radiator
mp3 (548KB)
Part V. a fine fat jolly teacher mp3 (602KB)
jpt #19 Gridiron Culls mp3 (1.184MB)
The Persistent Scholar mp3 (1.526MB)
The Lusty Evangelist mp3 (3.123MB)
Picking Up Nashville mp3 (665KB)
jpt #20 Maw Mauls Paul the Claw
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mp3 (4.19MB)
The Major, jpt #19 Okinawa Wallet Vacuum mp3 (1.37MB)
more connoisseur than student of the human condition, has encountered and catalogued some two thousand distinct sociopathic quirks whilst working toward a Unified Theory of Despair— each experience leaving a painful divot in his hide.
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