The Journal of Provincial Thought

Embracing the Doctrine Cogito ergo nixof Obscurity & Inutility

Vol. 4 Numb 1
iss 18: Sep 7, 2010
The jpt Core Conceits:
Declaration of Principles
Our Hero Pyrrho
Educational Mission
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A Reader's Web
little jazzterisk 18Jazz Lines
Prof. Lawrence Jones
"'Confessions of a
Jazz Fan"
2d installment
of the jazz-lore treasure
Double Take
A novel of the post-'60s
Owen Scott, III
Dream realities, hip academia, and rock'n'roll drive this prize jpt score.
adapted for presentation in the Journal.
First installment.
*Biker 2-fer*
John Rice
"Hatari It Isn't!"
South Africa by scooter
Excellent Adventure
Hog Rock Rally 2010
"Glenda's Secret"
She's back, and her
torrid pink garter
is with her
Glenda Dent White
in yet another hilarious wardrobe squeeze
Advice From MOM
Martha Q. Schafer
Course #2, in which wit & wisdom flow together to produce much more than either of them alone... might... expected to, ah...
to produce...
Frosty Mug
Lecture Series

No. 011
"The Acquittal of Adam and Eve"!

Professor Loose
"Reading, Writing and Revisionism"
Emeritus English prof pans "English" as a course: "..perverse & unworkable.."!
Buttwinkle B. Scriblerus, Ph.D
Book of 
Wine & Seizures

An Asse
upon the
Throne of Olde
jpt audibles!
It's a whole nother vector along which to forage and gestate
C. Adam Smith
"Provincial Reflections": the official jpt theme music--play it while you browse!
Tennessee Dave Steele
hell was for

5-part series in mp3
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John Addison
Samuel Johnson, M.A., Oxon
Ben. Franklin
Samuel Clemens
Horace Greeley
H Ross ca. 1920
Harold Ross
Arnold Gingrich

Larson E. Whipsnade
Mahatma Kane Jeeves
Capt. Jeffrey Spaulding
Wolf T. Flywheel
Edgar Sousé
Fartch Bombastric Fondlegod
Professor Loose
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Better Disavowed than Disallowed
The Mogulog
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Birth of a Journal
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Achtung All Ye!
Issue 19
has been

due to a sudden
boot in the bum

We are now
no longer the
Knights Who Say "December 2010"
Show up here in January 2011
for the satisfaction
of all your keen desires
Including the Fight that Nearly Cost Van Gogh his Other Ear.
We're sorry
("Devastated. Really.") for your temporary loss
excited for your auguries;
inasmuch as--
wanna hear what's coming?
Yes, jo: the
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for this world!

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