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Professor Lawrence Jones (“Why’r ya always playin’ that n****r music?’: Confessions of a Jazz Fan,” 2d installment), traveling under the modest appellative "retired literary academic," brings forth a remarkably vivid memoir attesting his love and knowledge of the magical music, qualities he carried with him in 1964, along with his prized "crate of recordings," from California to a home and a life in New Zealand. It is not surprising that a strong interest in jazz flourishes among the jpt faithful; nor need we tell you that here lies in store another narrative treat and charge-up of your jazz appreciation with installment #2 of Professor Jones's delightful chronicle.  

Pilgrim ("Pilgrim's Excellent Adventure") made the Hog Rock run in 2010 along with several of the most righteous of his righteous bros. Now assuming the mantle of an ambassador for his people, in the spirit of building bridges he shows us in pictures what biking is really all about: camaraderie (conviviality, bonhomie, brotherhood), joie de vivre, breathing hard and living free (well, "free," except for admission tickets, and gas, and parts and labor, and food & booze & any extraordinary entertainment; and taxes, of course, and fines and any other incidental legal levies, and this, and thatbut it's all worth it, is the point). Or maybe it's just that Pilgrim's got it, so he's flaunting it.

John Rice, Esq. (“Hatari It Isn't,” installment 1) likes to ride his motorcycles far, far from the ol' folks back home. This typically observant and thoughtful report finds him plugging touristically through South Africa with spousal accompaniment and professional guidance. Such is the abundance of colorfully documented experiences, that jpt will prolong our enjoyment by sequencing the whole into installments. Long after Mr. Rice has repaired to his Old Kentucky home and his business at the Bar (, readers will be contemplating the unique chronicles of this international two-wheeling adventurer.  

Martha Q. Schafer (“Advice From Mom”) keeps hope alive via her neighborly but expert meddling in affairs you had thought were your own: cleaning the kitchen floor, inventing lids for the lidless, starting baby off properly by bringing to bear the instructive powers of balloonies. Jettison all your troubled ways and latch onto the right thing, compliments of jpt's own chief advisor and enforcer: the perspicacious, the ebullient, the indefatigable Mom.

Psychologist Dr. Owen Scott, III (Double Take: A novel of the post-'60s) is the proof you seek that reality is truer than fiction, and vice versa. Dr. Scottscientist, healer, rock'n'roll musician, à la Buckaroo Banzai—might bring to mind actor Peter Weller's dimension-surfing cult hero, but it takes the real deal, packing real expertise, to deliver a hip, highly original novel that, for all its insight and intelligence, is foremost an entrancing (dare we say dreamy) read. jpt is excited to host, in serialized and lightly modified form accommodating editorial policies, Dr. Scott's journey into worlds of dream, uncertain reality, rock and roll, and intellectual analysis. For future installments, we anticipate the inclusion of original music written as complement or accompaniment to the prose. Further biographical/musical information is available (instrumentation, discography, cool links) at the Dr. Morpheus webpage.

Buttwinkle B. Scriblerus (“Reading, Writing, Revisionism”) is a blatant pseudonym for a vaguely known college teacher whose life story closely parallels his fable.  Having finally retired from the environs of Hades, he exults in freedom to tell anyone in earshot to p*ss off.  So be it!

Glenda Dent White ("Glenda's Secret") has not been idle since last she appeared in these pages (Issue #9, catastrophe in Vienna)—which is of course to say that the wardrobe misadventures have continued unabated. Whether she's rolling down a hill at Union Station after tripping and publicly demolishing her cultivated Sophia Loren persona (Issue #3), or (this issue) freaking out the natives with the blazing pink naughtywear that circumstance has rather compelled upon her, it's certain that angst will up & all about in a bid for the day. It is just as certain that the irrepressible Ms. White will bounce back in high humor and capture her experience in words for the edification and amusement of an empathetic, appreciative and ever voyeuristic world.

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