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Pilgrim's Excellent Adventures
Hog Rock Rally 2010
June 14, 2010

Hey Dude - Thought I'd kite you an e-mail letting you know that I survived Hog Rock. An awesome rally and there will be pictures to follow in another e-mail. This attachment shows us ready to leave my place in route to Cave in Rock, Illinois. From left to right: Big Tom, Pilgrim, Long Jon and Brutus. Big Tom is from Churchill, Tennessee and Brutus is from Gate City, Virginia.

Four bikers departing

The Gods smiled upon us going there and coming home—only got sprinkled on, even though there were thunderstorms in the area, both coming and going. No breakdowns or issues while on the road—all in all, a great run.

Had to deal with some really hot conditions while at the rally, temps in the mid-90's with the heat index in triple digits. Made the ice-cold beer taste really good and the shade at our campsite feel wonderful. lol. A man had to drink plenty of liquids— people were falling out everywhere. But not us, at least from the heat; went through eighty-four Miller Lites, a half-gallon of Canadian Mist, and two cases of bottled water among the four of us fighting off the "heat demons." Besides, a man can't watch T & A on an empty stomach.* lol.

Anyway, more pics to follow later on.**


* Hoo sez? What has hollowness of gut to do with fullness of eye? — ed. #1.
A man wants the best of both candy worlds, ed. #1—belly candy and eye candy; I think this is the Pilgrim's point. — ed. #2.

** So. "Later on" is when they will follow, eh? — ed. #17.
[Note later on: The Pilgrim shot straight. Later on, more pics did follow.]

Later on...
bikers in front of shiny bike and tent
The Guardians of Chrome and Dome
man & woman in outdoor chairs
Invaders from a kicked-back world working leisurely to subdue humanity

I say they're done enough biker poses over raw burgers on makeshift grill

working on motorcycle A man & his ride & his
five-tent folding bordello
Long Jon with sporty
And the righteous shall know that they are truly righteous
The Earth men beam messages via a digital antenna extending distally from the wrenching-appendage biker flipping bird
bike and tents
Do he know who scoota park front he woman tent
wile he out parkin' he scoota front he bro' woman' tent?
many motorcycles
If ever angels set to yearning, hawg heaven would be a bodacious
time-out from regular heaven.
Same camp, except here under a canopy
that we haven't seen
is somebody we can't see
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