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The Book of Wine & Seizures (AsseThroneCh1)
by WC Smith Illustrated by Busterdsing- WS book 19
Book 19: An Asse Upon the Throne of Olde
1. Presume'd Lust of the Stonechewer.........pp. 1-2
2. Shek's Pity ....................................................p. 2
3. Cauldron of Emotien.................................pp. 3-4
4. The Opionic Interventien..........................pp. 4-6
5. Shek's Pity................................................pp. 6-7
6. The Tidywoman Stomach'd by Fairo........pp. 7-8
Indectic ......................................................pp. 9-10
indicates Ch 1: Lust of Stonechewer
An Asse Upon the Throne of Olde- header

Presume’d Lust of the Stonechewer

N- Ch 1 Asse on Throne
ow it happent that during the power phase of Fairo Egyptigut there roam-ed a scatterd youth whose berattled head did house no unbrake teeth, for he in his mouth hath
eaten of the holy stones of Elar Holystone Akiwaba–Krüptergwoss (that place calld Ylar), stones ill-got by tresp’ss, the consumening of which divine boulders he feeld wud cause an importance within his belly, & thence throughout all of him.  But men of wry projectian judg-ed him, & thoughtsters thoght of him, that he was but all of show for the minds of maidens in his loud daring to corner and devour godrock.  O, they dialogue-ed concerning him, saying, Maids go woo’d by such contrive’d plays of speciality as this he performeth; ’tis dangerus to the world & to the romantic balance of our nation.  He shud in shadows be approacht and slappt down by some fiercely recruited slapper, and the nationel maidens sprung aloost from his charizma.  For the hale sociedy breatheth buoyancee & exultatien (said they) only when that she brim vibrant with her unfixt & playabol maidens.  But take them from the mix, surrendre them to polaritie by the draw of some brash magnet like unto this very rascol, and see then the hale sociedy wax unhale, and calcify, and cease from her flex, that she be intersepted by her quickspeeden enemies and puncht right out.  This is just the gravity of plain deeds, said they.  And chatterwagons of opinien took wheels & rolld, simpoly for that a kiddish distract hath chance-ed to chew him some toughage.

a scatterd youth whose berattled head

            As ’tis writ, accomplisht thoughtsters & projectors they are capabol of this & that & any manner of thinqing & projeckting.  And rich were the broth of the punditrance that in this pot obtain-ed.  And lo, alertnd by the stir, the maids forsooth took cognizance of the youth, that he hath commanded the attentiens of establisht men, and hath greas-ed with miracol grease the wheels of signifigant opinien.  And all their nationol pretty and flex was channelt hisaway.

            And the maids, drewn to importance, were align-ed to his influence, and gatherd they after him wheresoe’er he strode.  Yet before their eyes he seemd to behold them not, for that he came on oblivius.  And by & by the maids commenst to know vexatien in his wake.  And they commiseratnd, and consulted concerning him.  And one of them, which was Mary Mostrianoni, spake frankly before their assemblage, saying, Greatness sure hath he made, such as enthralleth any maid; tho what from it may we take, inasmuch as he seeth us not, and cometh on oblivius?

            And a maid of Tarrybrook arose, which was Mary Same, and agree-ed in her way, saying, As he hath for me the vacancy of his gaze, so have I for him the bile of an able craw; neither wud I love him further.  For he beholdeth us not, and cometh on oblivios.

2. The Book of Wine & Seizures (p. 2 Asse on Throne)

            And a filament of a lass bore forth, who was Mary Takeback, and consulted, saying, My world had I laid by for him, for the joyous hour he vanquish all his dragons and, depositing down his cudgel & his balsa sword, repair to mine embrace and fair devotions.  Yet now finding him oblivius, and I in my thinness catching chill in the sweep of his vacant gaze, I do release him to the storms, and fetch outen layby for me again the life laid by, if an not tu late it be.  (And she shad a tear at the thoght of the tu-late fetch for the life that were her’n.)

            And it came to pass that the scatterd youth was lambastnd with the bile of the craws of all those who had lovd him.  And they consulted, and did conclude, and gat them home, all twisted against love & loin according to their susceptances unto traumae.

            But now the youth, that scatterd & mindless meanderist, he taken to running with invisibol wolfs and falling upon unseeabol sheepf, and crying with loud voices in the night, and he gone acursing beside windows, for that he was scatterd and oblivius; neither hath he any cognizance of maids & their uses.

Three Marys

grape leaves Ch 1 Asse on Throne

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