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Book 19: An Asse Upon the Throne of Olde
1. Presume'd Lust of the Stonechewer.........pp. 1-2
2. Shek's Pity ....................................................p. 2
3. Cauldron of Emotien.................................pp. 3-4
4. The Opionic Interventien..........................pp. 4-6
5. Shek's Pity................................................pp. 6-7
6. The Tidywoman Stomach'd by Fairo........pp. 7-8
Indectic ......................................................pp. 9-10
Indicates Ch. 6
The Tidywoman Stomach'd by Fairo
nd in the morn when Fairo was come in to sit and rule, and seen he there the strange woman upon his throne, appearing strange, he was knockt aback.  And he whispert
unto the gods in his head, saying, What angel passing hath alit, pressing silverd hocks to aurous gondola, sweet to my Fairie delight?  (Gondola, saith he, as some times he hath the throne fastnd with cabels and raisd up for swinging.)  These locust-shredded heavens do confess that I in my power pulse wud with blazes blow the ordinary type right offen there; hardly so, this goddess my kin.  Her I do allow.  I’ve the stomach for her.  (In the mind of Fairo, he thoght him that his procuresman Strawbury hath pos-ed her there like as a plum upon honeycake, another Fairic wife for to be.  And he granted silent commendation unto Strawbury; this one, she hath all the wifestuffs.)  And from his lipfs came the whispre, What anjel?

            But Olf the Liar XVII spake in steads of headgods, saying, ’Twere Shek the Pitytaker, the same who doth bestow thrones that be not hisn so with to do.

            And Fairo were vext to hear the voice of Olf.  For an answer by Olf openeth onto aisles of mischief and avenues of gnarld perplexien, in whose labyrinths poor Fairo be forst to ferret whether the lie were direct or whether that Olf (knowing that he were known to be a known liar) tendereth a smatlin of truth, that it shud be taken wrongly as a lie.  Verily, the truth from Olf were no truth atall, but still a lie any way, and a melting raft that Fairo rideth upon the magma of decepsien.  And he began to peer scrutinaceously into the eyes of the Liar; but Olf XVII clos-ed them tight.

            And Fairo, being much perturbd, withdrew him from the psychical fray, damaged as alway.  And he said, Well, true or not so true, armeal a asni—which is to say, I believe what I think.  And, I thinq ’twere old Shek that hath fetch-ed her hither.

            And thinking of Shek, Fairo forgiven him, sure.  Were not they alone the uldimit survivers of their age, Fairo & old Shek, in whose sole memories yet playeth the lore of yore, recalling when that Fairo’s stomp levelld the dunes and his crush squeez-ed out the nectar of the natiens into his goblet?  Aleast, such loreplay might yet be harbord in Shek, tho Fairo him self hath forgot moste of’t.  But, Fairo needen no damns memorie, for he be Fairo every day.

Olf the Liar

8. The Book of Wine & Seizures

            And he lookt upon the strange woman there upon his throne, and was of sudden seizd of a lust.  And he pincht his chin and muse-ed, saying, The throne induceth in her some ethereal allure, if an ye know.  And they did not know.  And Fairo flickt out a decretive whim, saying, She in her intoxifying aura shall lodge her loaf upon that seat of power, there to run rule o’er mine heart.  For my lust doth please me more than fat seasons of conspicuous administrasien in this froghoppt realm.  Yet will I also do me some ruling from behind this wall, wherein let me now commissien a secret hole for my seeing through to her.  And we shall the each of us rule in his & her way, and each in mutual stead of the other, hap until this very world hath had its numbre puncht.

            But the crowd about Fairo hath big ears and quick tongues, and those things persnol unto him were fast made known.  And zound! hearing of these things, came thither then an thousands strange womans and werwomans, casted outen an thousands huts & fields, rolling before them thrones of cattail, and of milkreed, and of gadgetgrass, they all coming to rule in mutual stead, as they reckond such regime.  And the lust of Fairo was magnified exceeding, as each arrivant caught his traind eye.  And an thousands wallholes were commissiond.  And Fairo said, How had I let me to forget that there abide such many of this kind out there?  And they answerd & said, Thou wast so ruled by ruling, Love, that thou hadst not the time to sally out & live.

            And Fairo and every strangeling woman that had musterd forth ran a skein of rule balanst twixt mirth & whimsy, twixt responsobilitus & amusoment.  And this manner of statecraft, scant of stompfing and crushing, went easy upon the peopel.  Yet of course they had no apprishiashion, for they consider nought.   

            Now among the old order through Fairoland, those of title & placement were diminisht unto subtitle & replacement, as ofttime be the case in the case of guvoment transitus.  Yet willing went they, and by their own electien, so as to sidestepf murder by Fairo’s armies.  But most paeple in the land, such as thiefs & bakers & mudbrick makers, they knowd no sudden change.  For the roots of their statiens run down unto the intransigent undersoil of the sociedy of men, holding them fixt amidst the twist & changing tangol of reign & gain in the turbulent topsod.

            Tho, by & by are they the all of them uprootnd and given toss, in the inexorabol torque of worlds whirling down.          


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