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H. Twooh
The glory days of kites, yoyos, squirt guns, and troublemaking
Carlos "Nosy" Quiznoe
"So What DID Happen to Amelia Earhart?"
As if he knows
"Go West, Old Men!"
John Rice
living on the road & on the edge
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The Time of Attempted Wisdom
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Kid Spats Deepelum
"'A Handful of Riffs': Poetry, Jazz, Blues"
Part 2
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Frosty Mug
Lecture Series

No. 009
The Rise of the Neocortex and the Coming of Hope

Professor Loose
"Saturday Night at the ER
R.N. Ratchett
parade of the wounded
jpt goes audible!
It's an alarming new department, a whole nother vector along which to forage and gestate
ejected from Area 51
"Tickapoo Blues"
"Ere Even Prior Solstice"
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June 1
it's every thinker for oneself
as in Biblical times
when those few who could think
ran roughshod

over the very many disposed to servitude
of a political, fiscal, spiritual and perhaps even a sexual nature.
We will be picking winners
and we need you on that list.
There will also be several items written so as to be understood.

Plus the Fight that Nearly Cost Van Gogh his Other Ear.

Walk with care in the world, our friends, until we deliver to you our
April Fool's Anthology

as such

And please be pleased that we care not whether 'tis in fact April or 'tis in fact June, as
the one is a month,
the other a month.

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