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The Book of Wine & Seizures (Book 17)
by WC Smith illustrated by William J Schafer-Wisdom
additional illustration by Busterdsing
Book 17: The Time of Attempted Wisdom
1. Tragedie of Waking ......................................pp. 1-3
2. Recitance of Meukiss unto Neb Hunch ..........pp. 3-12
3. Talkawalk Out in the Bay...............................pp. 12-14
Indectic .............................................................p. 14
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infinite prologue
E- letter Wisdom
arly out upon an arc of time, when that a certain sportsome iteration of the plenary mind did act as lord of the present dimensien, by dream came a servant of that lord unto Shagum the Grace Waster, saying,
Shagum, Shaggem, unto thee is given that I say; for I wud relate moment & exstravagantia from up on high, Shagum, and I have set up thine ears to receive.

                But so troubld were Shagum the Grace Waster thus to be sought out in his sleepf that he were threwn hard awake.  And the lord’s servant, caught there in a dream of sudden dissolvd around him, did dissolve therewith, and like it, were no more.

                And the lord of dimensien said, An we are to go about appearing in the dreams of men, which is a way of ours, then must this effect be foild, for thus have I lost an host of admiring friends & helpimers.  When that an awakening occurreth, ’twere better that our handler not evaporaite with the very dream that he hath induce-ed in his dreamer.  Yea, ’tis in my nature to send out messages; but e’en the most willing of dreamteemers must be bulld into duty these days.

                And he turnd his work upon’t and produce-ed solutiens, creating he the Bay of Unhad Dreams for his handlers which gat casted outen dreamers’ dreams.  Now, in the beginning were that Bay a bleak & grey & endless range, forsooth, linkt unto dreams by an mystic mathmadicum which the lord hath not widely publisht.  And servants arriving therein from some distant dream’s spasmoterminus stood selfhugging in emptiness, till after some timeless waiting they seen the light o’ the lord acoming for to caddie them home.  And lo, when emerg-ed they again into realidy, found they the whole world changd by eons.  Hells, say they, What hath happent?  And the lord saith, Well, it hath been an billiens year out here, that is the troubol.

                And the servants said unto that lord, The Bay were a prettigoode place, lord.  But, if an thou cudst to run real time therein, steadsof this billiens year & such, that be e’en better.  And also, there is nothing good to see there, nor nothing.

                And so the lord, he fixen the Bay of Unhad Dreams to be nice, with beauty here, and comfort there.  And autonomic harpers were set in motion therein, that the Bay ring evermore with some rightchis tune.  And the lord fixen also the right time, that in leaving, the handlors might stepf into their own familier world, near unto the very centurie from the which they were snatcht by duty.  And if an complaining yet, then they was to be deemt happfy enogh, in the lord’s weary eye.

Tragedie of Waking

A- letter Wisdom Ch 1
nd it came to pass that Meukiss the lord’s hand & servant appeard unto Neb Hunch in an dream, saying, Yet art thou asleepf, Neb; this I know, for I have eyes, and with
them I can see.  Nonetheless—asleep or no—shalt thou upon rising be held to account for all these things that I now come asaying thee; for’t hath all the force of law, didst thou know that?


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2. The Book of Wine & Seizures- P 2

                And Neb spake nought, being asleepf; whereupon Meukiss, ardent for audiense, took the form of a fiery serpent with hellhell eyes, mawing & threating & spewing out rhythms of unrest, for to manifest his stature and garner Neb’s regard.  But such monstry were sheer and horribol unto Nebv, and came he instant awake with cries like unto those of a punk melted in battle.

                And lordservant Meukiss spake satisfide and said, Let us suppose that now wilt thou to fasten upon my words, correctily perceiving the pushpower apushing them.  For having wakend, being terrofied by me, thou mayest surely be supposed to hear.

                But now en facte, Neb Hunch heareth not Meukiss to say this, for that good servent were casted by the instant awakning into the Baye of Unhadde Dreams.  But Meukiss, being right new in the lordsmessengerservice, and having no acquaintance with the Bay, nor with its purpose, nor with the way of things new nor ever, continueth his say-so there in the unhad dream, knowing not that he hath no longer Neb’s ear, but saying, Thou shalt this & that.

                And by & by, when that Meukiss certain knewn that he were alone and hath notte Neb’s ear, then sat he upon a goosedown chair, considring mysteries.  And he became sore troubld, thinking, What an I be here for ever?  What an I have come unto some eternol closet, to be driv mad by that redunded musick?  O, wherefore was this happning not mentiend when that the missien were pitcht?  Yea, I have fallen into something here, a fixxe, a thing of odour sure.

                But he lookt about and seen there some writing upon a board; and the writing tellen him, The lord is on his waye.  And Meukiss prais-ed the sign, and said unto’t, Thou hast stayd me from breaking this place aparts.  The worst thing—it cheweth its course down through my soul— is utter abandony, is separashin from mine own kind; for I enjoy faces as some enjoy gravie.

                And he hove great relief, and repose-ed.  And he in his leisure assess-ed the architexure, and said, An I had builded this place, then wud I to have made a way to hold the ear of a wakend dreamer, e’en from here.

                And he thoght of his man Neb Hunch, and said concerning him, Well; I exspectnd not to be thus banisht here, being unlernt in the mechanic of the medium of dreams.  Ne’ertheless, tho the Hunch hath fled that dream wherein I came unto him, and I have vanish-ed away from his presence; and tho he heareth not these arresting things I have to say; yet so, he shall be charjd with knowing them.  And he shall be charjd on pain of drubbing to say them all back again unto me when that he hath died and come among us in the metamystic reach.  For I am high in my statien and will not suffer my words to be pusht unto any man’s margines.  Yea, when that I deign to speak, my words shall sit center, and men shall account.

                And Meukiss continued, thusly mulling in his solitude, and falling under self review:  Now thou saist (spake he), Meukiss, thou hast an hard lip, demanding with the voice of strident sanctimony that which cannot be delivert, such as a man’s endtime-rendering back unto thee versions that he ne’er hath encounterd.  But I anser that this is the bizniss of masters and of enigmadic spiritchul operadivs, to demand & to test & to send upon their boy some failure.  Thou saist, Wherefore such, Master Meukiss?  Well.  Explanatum principalo: ’tis but a show of who controlleth through knowing, o’er who knoweth so sparse that his only hope resideth in

The Lord is on his Waye- c 2010 Busterdsing

The Time of Attempted Wisdom -p3 3

resignatien to the yoke.  A man needs muste have some failier, that he gain inclinasien to confess the perfectidies of his manmaster, and grovel eagre to be in favor—so’t seemeth unto me, who am right masterly, full master of my grovler given me, which is Neb.  Explanatum also:  lessons there must be made to lay before others.  Lectitures be not enogh, for some learners.  They must have vivid maxims drawn from their-world demenstratia of failure with withering cries; this, notwithstanding that abundant have they been lexured with lexures propounding the paramountcy of masters, with clear settings-forth and explainings in theorem.  ’Tis neither enogh for them.  They must have a show.  And so.  The master or enigmatic spirituel coercive, he picketh a strong boy—one built to bear it, like unto mine Hunch—and maketh outen him a show, that in his agonies or in tales thereof, those others may all glean their lessonproof.  —These explanata, then, say wherefore that we masters must buffet & flunk our boy.

                And Meukiss saith unto a grand imagined panel of reviewers, See.  There are good ansers for things, an ye give me time to conjure some.  Yea, outen time cometh wisdem; and this very saying, that outen time cometh wisdame, is also wise.

                And he spake a drama concerning an aspiration to wisdom by the king Cutzamullich; and for this telling also Neb Hunch wud be held accountabol by & by.  

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