The Journal of Provincial Thought

Embracing the DoctrinePigasus-cogito ergo nix Iss12 of Obscurity & Inutility

Vol. 3 Numb 1
iss 12: Mar 15, 2009
The jpt Core Conceits:
Declaration of Principles
Our Hero Pyrrho
Educational Mission
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Reception Cavaedium
and Name Repository
A Reader's Web
The Settling of
Wild Kentucke

Three Places In
The Great Meadow

by William J. Schafer
"The Killers" and
the Death of Sleep
Hemingway laid bare
by Jack Derriere

Whose story is it really?
Indiana Slaying
a Reporter gets back home
de Scrivener writes his wrist off
Book of 
Wine & Seizures

The Madness
of the Many
Frosty Mug
Lecture Series

No. 005
Professor Loose: I was
PH Gosse for 3
½ days
The jpt Naturalist
Humans Exporting
Global Warming to
Distant Worlds!
Freddie Fondlegod
on M.I.T. report
Three for the

Do not think him mad!
B.F. Beckybutcher piles e'en more mayhem onto this "killer" issue!
"It Lacks STYLE"
Young painter learns
the hard way about
"expert advice"
A.B. Frost
Next Super-Poet

Purr to be very rich
young man

And we've got him here
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J Caillot dwarf - issue 12
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William J. Schafer            W. Charles Smith
Ye Masthead- Iss 12
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John Addison
Samuel Johnson, M.A., Oxon
Ben. Franklin
Samuel Clemens
Horace Greeley
H. Ross ca. 1920-- Wm Schafer copyright 2007. Iss 12
Harold Ross
Arnold Gingrich

Larson E. Whipsnade
Mahatma Kane Jeeves
Capt. Jeffrey Spaulding
Wolf T. Flywheel
Edgar Sousé
Fartch Bombastric Fondlegod
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Better Disavowed than Disallowed
The Mogulog
Private Letters
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batting around George Bernard Shaw's PYGMALION
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June 1,
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Issue 13 is our

June Bug

Now those famous jpt headaches you feel will be your cerebral cortex EXPANDING instead of shorting out-- and this is good news for momma, who wants her li'l dumplin' to be brighter than the competition!
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