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Pete Branch Memorial Name Repository
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awaken, sleeping namist
You know what it is to be in the grip of an urgency to strike namethink to a pristine page. You feared you were a stranger in a strange hobby.

Take heart! There are others out here to share your wellness—those who think that freehand namature is at least as sane as plugging through stack upon stack of pulp drivel penned by some money-driven hand. At least as meaningful as political platitudes. At least as legitimate as poking a little dimpled ball into a hole in the ground. At least the namist is spared all the absurd prestige suffered by the proficient ball-pokers milling o'er the mounds & grazing the greens! You will be altogether spared the lameness of prestige.

To homestead your own fertile acre of PBMNR history, prepare your lists as email (or attachments), read and respect the prescribed principles & procedures in Contributor's Agreement, and send all matter to us at the relevant e-address given at Accost Us (contact). In creating names, consider the tastes & tactics discussed in How Good Is A Name? Upon acceptance (based largely on a simple non-offensiveness standard) your namelist(s) will appear in the Repository under your name or preferred cognomen. It doesn't matter who thinks your tags are boffo. They're there because you would have it so.

Should response be sparse to nonexistent, that just goes to show what a crowd of blanks we've fallen amongst. It will not hamper the Repository.

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