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Double Take

A novel of the post-'60s

Owen Scott, III

Author’s Note

            This novel is a work of absolute fiction: it depicts a series of events that are imaginary.  While certain characters in the story correspond to actual people, living and dead, these and all the other characters are analogous to actual people who appear as characters in one's dreams.  Their appearance in the story is purely a product of the author’s imagination; their attitudes and actions should in no way be taken to reflect the attitudes and actions of the persons to whom they correspond.  More specifically, the reader should abstain strictly from thinking that any persons existing in Real Life ever did or ever would behave like the characters in this novel.  In short, these characters, like everything else in the novel, reflect the imaginings of the author, “only this, and nothing more.”

Owen Scott, III
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
July 26, 2006/March 25, 2008/June 3, 2009                                                  

DOUBLE TAKE copyright 2010 Owen Scott III
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