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iss 15: Nov 30, 2009
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Lionel R.R. Gilbert
"Model Trains"
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"Go West, Old Men!"
John Rice
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The Tribulation of Tarvatillion The Slayer
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Genious, Guru
Kid Spats Deepelum
"'A Handful of Riffs': Poetry, Jazz, Blues"
jazz changed poetry forever
Frosty Mug
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No. 008
The Rise of the Reptilian Brain and the Gnashing of Teeth

Professor Loose
Mr. Mole and the
Little Old Lady

Martha Q. Schafer
tricks kids into
eating their stew
Another View from
the Trenches
Ima Lyttel Blackbyrd
finds more old poetry
making war look bad
"Filthy Lucre"
Croesus P. Morgan
for the love of
$ money $
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:: Eyes Only ::

March 1
we will steal a peek at
brains in jars
(likely insane),
being sustained via
savvy by government sawbones
operating within nodes of secrecy!

*fifty-six whistle-blowers whistling Dixie?
*the Mr. Nobody who almost got too close eleven out of twelve times
*a nosy academic shunted out of the loop
*uncover why Earth might be in hot hocky if this goes unchecked

Plus the Fight that Nearly Cost Van Gogh his Other Ear

Gather 'round with your flagons of spice punch, truehearts
Issue 16 is our


as such

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