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Lawrence Jones (“‘Why’r ya always playin’ that n****r music?’: Confessions of a Jazz Fan”) is the husband of the poet Marion Jones (see, eg., Issue 15).  He is a recently retired literary academic, resident in New Zealand since 1964.  Noting that every time he waters the vegetable garden it starts to rain before he even has the hose put away, he considers that possibly he not only causes the rain but may also have caused the end of the Cold War and the decline of the nuclear threat, for he brought his family to New Zealand to escape both, so of course that particular hard rain has never fallen.

Fortescue “Kid Spats” Deepelum (“A Handful of Riffs: Poetry, Jazz, Blues” part 3) wraps this three-piecer about the jazz-blooded breed of writers through whom the music inevitably channeled into poetry and literature. The work is instant classic and indispensable authority addressing the pervasive influence of African-American music on the American psyche and culture. Reap these fruits from renowned music scholar Fortescue's psuedonymous contribution to the Journal.

John Rice (“Go West, Old Men!” part 3) closes out his two-wheeled tour through America's scenic western sweeps with consummate style, the veteran attorney's mind for descriptive documentation ( gifting the adventurer's soul with the power of literary flight. From curve-hanging amid the ancient, eroded volcanic formations to a horrific plummet in a coastal jungle of giant fallen trees, this narrative is packed to ride.  Accompany John and The Colonel in the homestretch of their enviable odyssey through the American West.  

Pilgrim ("A Pilgrim & a Fistful of Photos") ...Out of the west he rode... The more we say, the more we risk.

Ronaldo Odorono (“Smells to Remember”) has made a lifelong study of the so-called “lesser senses” a vast project, graduating from the University of Lompoc with a rare degree in Advanced Odorology in 1947.  He has invented various tests and mechanisms for measuring and tracking odor, touch and even goosebumps, while working on the staff of the Institut der Schmellingfurtzer in Cologne.  He has published copiously in recondite journals from Lichstensteinmetz to Lower Volta and assisted in the infamous Smell-O-Vision catastrophe at the Brussels World’s Fair.

Bartleby de Scrivener (“Who Killed Cock Robin?”) is a pseudonym for one of the most famous of the Hollywood 11, banished in 1953 by the expansive blacklist instituted by rabid followers of Tailgunner Joe McCarthy.  Over several decades, de Scrivener wrote award-winning scripts under a galaxy of pen names (see “Blood on the Melon,” “Black Day at Big Cock,” “Archie Goes to Princeton”) and lived a quiet, nameless life in such haunts as Seven Wells and Sunny Beach, CA.

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