The Journal of Provincial Thought

Embracing the Doctrinecogito ergo nix- winged pig Issue 14 of Obscurity & Inutility

Vol. 3 Numb 1
iss 14: Sep 5, 2009
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Declaration of Principles
Our Hero Pyrrho
Educational Mission
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Reception Cavaedium
and Name Repository
A Reader's Web
"In Country

Sexton Parsons
is there a perfect graveyard?
New Zealand Poet
Marion Jones
three in the theme
of father and daughter
"Ursa Major"
John Rice
truer with each telling*
while motorcycling the mountains
I was practically eaten
Book of 
Wine & Seizures

Cometh the Seer
Jazz Lines
Renowned music scholar
Kid Spats Deepelum
"Jazzin' Babies Blues":
Fictions & Fables

the real truth about jazz
Frosty Mug
Lecture Series

No. 007
The Horror of Poison Gas and the Coming of Fire

Professor Loose
Narrative Told to a Sony Tapecorder
The Mr. Mole stories
Amelia Schafer
as a 7-yr.-old
Literary Dirt
Elliad Orthobrogus
on the belligerent
Robert Frost & others at
Bread Loaf Writers'
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There will be no further intellectual content in JPT due to the loss of our intellect.

William J. Schafer 9/18/1937----8/17/2009
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Harold Ross
Arnold Gingrich

Larson E. Whipsnade
Mahatma Kane Jeeves
Capt. Jeffrey Spaulding
Wolf T. Flywheel
Edgar Sousé
Fartch Bombastric Fondlegod
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*Coming Next*
Nov 30,
we will throw the switch that opens the floodgates to an enormous reservoir of antidotes for the social ills blasphemy and idolatry.
We will conduct human experimentation
in which blasphemers and idolators will be
partially cleansed and reintroduced
into the wild, where (we wager) they will contaminate their kind but find themselves unable to resume la vida loca and will pass from flagrancy into obscurity

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*Coming Next*
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