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Embracing the DoctrineCogito ergo nix-- Pigasus the JPT flying pig 11 of Obscurity & Inutility

Vol. 3 Numb 1
iss 11: Jan 15, 2009
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Declaration of Principles
Our Hero Pyrrho
Educational Mission
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Reception Cavaedium
and Name Repository
A Reader's Web
Ye Olde Nostalgick Essay Korner
by Byron Swivet
The Lazarus Affair
Blazing historical drama
by Titus Andromeda

They say this Jesus is a wizard...
"Emperor Norton's Hunch"
by S.e.U.Hooper
He dreamed a Golden Gate
Book of 
Wine & Seizures

This Forbidden
Frosty Mug
Lecture Series

No. 004
Professor Loose knowing
lots about little about lots
more 's the outrage
Gnu Books 4 U
nab them ere
they're pulped
Balkan Wars of Modern Chamber Music
Kurdisha Estaminetz keeps up so you won't have to

More Moderne Klassix
peek into the
warped world of
Raimundo Craven
with Constance Reeder
Kavalkade o'
Kartoon Klassix
the old faves get
an in-yer-face
wot up on
the Kwizeen Seen
It's an
Ideel Cafay Menu

reported by the jpt
epicurean posse
This Means War!!
Yipe, somebody really gots they boxers in a bunch over blogger Grunge!
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J Caillot dwarf - issue 11
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John Addison
Samuel Johnson, M.A., Oxon
Ben. Franklin
Samuel Clemens
Horace Greeley
H. Ross ca. 1920-- Wm Schafer copyright 2007. Iss 11
Harold Ross
Arnold Gingrich

Larson E. Whipsnade
Mahatma Kane Jeeves
Capt. Jeffrey Spaulding
Wolf T. Flywheel
Edgar Sousé
Fartch Bombastric Fondlegod
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Better Disavowed than Disallowed
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Tax Evasion

Your imagination stages a pale mirage of the reality that awaits.

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