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Better Disavowed than Disallowed

Definition of the Day:

Cycloidal propulsion-- the nature of the force by which pitch-controllable propellers steer and propel

See if you can spot it in the following anecdote:

The Old Man's hands were a latticed dissertation in shred-work, gratis the fishing line that cut deep as the marlin he'd dubbed Woppa dragged him all around the Gulf Stream. He wrenched a wry smile at the blistered bumper sticker on the poopdeck plank: "I'd rather be Shakira." He'd really rather be in town drinking canebrew, and arm-wrestling, and race baiting as were nobody's business. But he had obligations to himself. And chief of all his obligations? That ambition to land this laughing monsta and be on TV like the career-inspiring Mr. Bill Dance.

TV. Ahhh.


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