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Pilgrim Pilgrim's Excellent Adventure
Little Sturgis Rally 2010
Hey Bro - Long Jon and I attended the Little Sturgis, Ky. rally this year. Attendance was way down. Part of it was due to the economy I'm sure but there were some major changes to the rally that were not all that positive, in my opinion.
One, they opened up on July 10th, even though the actual rally didn't start until the 15th. Opening early allowed the RV's and LilSturgis2010 camp1
their blankety-blank generators to come in early and get most of the prime spots.
LilSturgis2010 camp2 Two, the [a well-known biker club
were in charge of security and were
a-holes (I had a run-in with them). Three, no burnouts* were allowed, which are always a crowd pleaser. Those caught [burning out] were immediately removed from the rally - many went to jail.
LilSturgis2010 camp3
And of course, the heat was a factor too. In general, kind of a bummer.

On a positive note, I took the Wide Glide this year - first time taking it to a rally in years.

Long Jon with cold water
That's where my hassle with the ________s occured. On Friday night, my ignition switch shorted out when I turned on my headlights, completely shutting the scooter down.
passenger babe It would run without the headlight but die when it was turned on. Of course, we were quite a ways from our campsite when this happened. I got hassled 3 times on my way back to camp;
the last time, it got a little heated because by then I got an attitude with their BS, and I've had too many birthdays and been to too many rallies. Pilgrim

cooking on grill

Guess I don't deal with stupidity well - especially when it's not necessary. If I'd been acting stupid, that's one thing; but a mechanical failure!!!! spacer Pilgrim
riding wild at night
Needless to say, I didn't rest real well that night - had my [magic wand of defense] close-by. But, all went well, no issues. Got an ignition switch the next day and all was good.
Here's a few pics - some will need editing, of course........PILGRIM.
jptArchive Issue 19
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