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The poetic passion of
Herman Parsons

Manifesto and Founding Document
“A Nest of Reds” Collective

Everywhere the specter of dissolution
Anyplace the face of degradation
Every mirror the reflection of an endangered species
Climate chaos as avalanching ominous roar
Water is dying
forests are drying
deserts are thriving

Cultures are devolving
Nations are disintegrating
Toxicity is breeding
A poison exponentially
informing the biosphere
with relentless grim fertility

We are at war with nature
and nature is striking back
We are at war with one another
in every corner of the whole
in every neighborhood and heart
We hate our lives and we hate each other
for reasons that would not cover the
head of a pin

Those with nothing demand something
Those with everything just want more
The money’s been stolen
yet the avatars of Tribulation
require us to buy more of anything
as long as we buy

We can buy shoddy uselessness and caprice
place it on our shelves for a week
and feed it to uneasy incarceration as garbage
We can purchase five leather sofas
made by slaves and discard them
When our psychotic pets rip them up
or our sociopathic friends get drunk
and piss on them

We can eat food that kills insects mold spores
and foraging vermin and believe we are
eating well We can gas up with a
sugar in quantities that would ruin
a small engine and believe our bodies
feel good

We can purchase children’s bodies
To defile
A nation’s resource base to despoil
A million mortgages to debauch
A 100,000 jobs to dismantle and dump

We put them out of work out of house
out of hope and out of time
and we call home and enquire
how the wife and kids are today
All while being serviced by those
With a cell phone activated hatred
for us in their pockets

We have come to the last few scenes
in a million year old play
performed by precocious primates
and wishful baboons

later is over
Now has never been as dangerous and demanding

The hopeful believe we have exactly enough
Time Starting Right Now!

There are others who believe it’s already done
it’s over We’re just busy digging
an inevitable mass grave

Thusly a razor’s edge Both sides
an abyss
Both may require the great Post Modern
Extinction event

We of the “Nest of Reds” collective Are of both persuasions
one to show the world how it might be
the other to show the world how it might have been

Both of equal weight in the cavern of eternity
where we are judged by our visions
Not the value of our holdings nor
the holding of blasphemous values
We take the holy avatars at their
Word whatever the color of their
Skin the wisp of their gender
or the shape of their altar
No matter the form of their love
only its essence and function

Blessed are…That they should love
one another…for as you sow so shall you reap…
thusly we would choose no other than:

There shall be no hunger in this the
garden of Eden – The hideous imbalance
implied requires the weight of every
Well-fed shoulder on the face of the Earth
To refuse – To waste – To lavish gluttony –
To ignore the skeletal bloating – To numbly
blindly consume what is stolen from others
passed through the hands of moneychangers
and polished in petroleum sheathing
To pay no attention have no intention but
Self-righteousness is to consort with
demons in this the day of judgment
cavorting in the chapel perilous between
the doors of the hope of heaven and the
promise of hell
We can do no other
We will do no other

Henceforth there will be no such thing as waste
A closed system will brook no waste
The infinite Appetite so beloved
By the human species
is founded on waste
and deformed desire

Therefore Everything we touch that passes
through us – through our lives – between us
from our clothing to our consciousness
our leftovers and our loving our
appliances our artifacts our attitudes
our accumulated wisdoms
wine bottles and windowpanes
our found treasure our formulas for happiness
Our skills and precious secrets
All shall find a home – in the Other
– With the Others – that may enlighten
Unburden nourish and replenish
For none of us is privileged
thusly ALL are privileged and we
Sit at the Table of the holy together
or we will all starve and freeze
Naked and alone in the cold clear
light of a harsher higher law
As you have done unto the least of
these you have done unto me
We will not consign one another
To an uneasy landfill of oblivion
We can do no other
We will do no other
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The industrial military metaphysic shall be no more
hell no we will not go ever again
The warrior class shall be reassigned
the tools of war will be redesigned
The war is against the worst of ourselves
against the fear and ignorance
against the legions of arrogance
against the armies of intolerance
            the packs of abuse
            the hordes of race hatred
            the swarms of misogyny
            the divisions of division

We are one World or we are not at ALL
Should that be the case
What need We for the bastard alchemy
and Edward Teller’s little Toy
It will be one way or the other
For later is over
We can do no other
We will do no other

We will no longer be lied to:
by lovers one to another
by managers of what passes for leadership
in times that require salvation
by selves fractured by the fractured
a genealogy of perpetual domination
no means no
yes means yes
The True great Game is divine
and our children are watching
every move
The moneychangers own the Temple
The high priest is Mammon
The office is at Wal-Mart
The true cost – A banality that
makes Eichmann look like a saint
An Auschwitz of lies
A crematorium of delusion

We can have it ALL we can always
have it ALL – ALL of us can always
have it ALL – our children’s
children’s children’s children
Can always have it ALL ALL the
Time in Everyplace as ALL as All
Can Ever Be should they not they
are failures

We ALL know better but we are lied
To and the lies are as sweet
as cosmetic Ads and colorful pornography
We will not be lied to anymore
anywhere anymore not by Mom Not by Dad
Not the preacher Not the politician
the companies of consumption
the dealers in deception
the doctors of sickness maintenance
Nor the dictates of the Wounded self
We can do no other
We will do no other
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We will accept and relish our blessings
and we will interpret them
as the vow of the Bodhisattva
or we will reject immanence
reject the divinity even of the profane
and we shall dissolve
But we will not Escape if that is
Our true intention
There is a self a selfless self
Stands witness waiting
To sigh shovel up the rubble
Mix the sorrow and eternity
and call for workers to begin
ALL over again
We can do no other
We will do no other

Herman L. Parsons
Berea, Kentucky

jptArchive Issue 19
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